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Yamato Agari (東 大和, Agari Yamato?) is a high scool studen and the 21st century master of Ultimo. He has the same name and appearance of the bandit who met Dr. Dunstan in the 12th century. When he finds Ultimo in an antique shop, Ultimo instantly awakens and recognizes Yamato as the reincarnation of the bandit from the 12th century. Further suggesting that Ultimo's words are true are Yamato's frequent flashes of recognition of people he has never met. Yamato is dense on the surface, usually focusing on something that does not seem important in the matter (when Ultimo was saying that they had to team up to save the world from being destroyed, Yamato said 'no' because he only cared about buying Sayama a birthday present), but there is always a shred of goodness behind it. He does not want any part of the Karakuri Dōji, but is drawn into the conflict once more.

Fanfiction Edit

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