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Hi! Welcome to the Ultimo Fanon Wiki! This Wiki covers anything Fanon that relates to the beloved manga series Ultimo! Feel free to place your Ultimo fan fiction here, such as characters, stories, roleplays, etc. (As long as it's appropriate. There will most likely be young members here, so having any adult-oriented material here would be a bad idea....). Please edit here often and help make this one of the best Ultimo websites ever to exist!

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  • When you're editing, always organize your articles into headers and sub-headers. It will look much nicer than keeping it together in one big page, and it will help other users find the section that they are looking for in your article.
  • When you create an article, be sure to categorize them appropriately into one of the main categories; Heroes, Anti Heroes, Villains, Objects and others, Locations, Super Forms, Roleplay Pages or Fan Fiction; it'll make finding your articles a lot easier.
  • Use the community as your helpdesk! If you can't do something or something's going on which is not right, then ask fellow users and admins for help. If we can't help, then you could ask on the Help Wiki!

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