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Ultimo awakening after his box was opened by Yamato

Ultimo is the main protagonist of the manga, and uses the "Cleanse" technique. Ultimo got in a fight with Vice, ending with them clashing and getting scattered across the galaxy. He represents ultimate good, as apparent by his desire to protect the innocent from Vices' rampages. He's very polite, good with children, and is a wonderful cook. He cares very deeply about his master, Yamato, and tends to hug him a lot. However, while he's sweet as pie on the surface, get him mad or threaten Yamato, and he becomes deadly serious and not afraid to go all out to protect Yamato. His Karakuri Henge involves cranes and lions, his personal power is the control of time, usually resembling a crane or a lion and his theme color is scarlet. And is the second Doji to appear, the first being Vice.

Fanfiction Edit

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