Thievery the Thief is a evil Karakuri Dōji.

Background Edit

Thievery was created a year after Desiru. During his creating he woke up and ran off so his left arm doesn't work.

Appearance Edit

When awake Thievery appears to look like a teen, but when asleep he looks like a peaceful child. He has dark brown hair(that almost looks black)that touches his shoulders and light purple eyes. Two transparent black extensions that look like ears, on his head. His outfit is very low quality, made of a white torn up kimono and a white hakama, that is tied by a gray sash. Hanging from the center of the sash is a large piece of similarly black fabric, that has an image of a fox on it.

Personality Edit

Thievery shows that he is evil, but tricks everyone with his "kind" words. Though at first it's hard to tell the truth from a lie with him, in the end you'll know.

Relationships Edit

Yuu Nakamura Edit

A 20 year old man and the master of Thievery. A man that Thievery almost killed when they first met.

Lovely Edit

A good Karakuri Dōji that Thievery can never hurt. Though they are of opposite sides they still share some kind of feeling for one another, but the feelings are unknown.

Abilities Edit

To steal the memories of those that have never come in contact with another Karakuri Dōji.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Strengths Edit

Stealing things and lying.

Weaknesses Edit

One of Thievery's weaknesses is his left arm, because he can't use it makes it his weaks point.

Trivia Edit