Lovely the Lover is a good Karakuri Dōji. She love all things.

Background Edit

Lovely was created one week after Thievery. She has had many encounters with Thievery, thought of opposite sides Lovely has some kind of feelings for Thievery(like a big brother, little sister feeling).

Appearance Edit

Lovely looks like a little girl with long light brown hair that's in a ponytail. Dark green eyes. Two transparent paink extensions that sit under her eyes. Her outfit made of the finest cloths, A Bright pink kimono with red roses as the pattern.

Personality Edit

Kind hearted, but blind with love. This makes it easy to attack her.

Relationships Edit

Thievery Edit

a evil Karakuri Dōji that Lovely seems to care about.

Abilities Edit

To share love with those of a pure heart

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Her strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Edit

Weaknesses Edit