Bara Fuju

Bara Fuyu (also referred to as "Bara-Chan) is a first year attending Senju Academy.

Personality Edit

Bara is a fairly shy person, usually distancing herself from others. She is a selfless youth, putting the needs of others before her own. Bara is a bit of an otaku, and has a stack of shōjo manga in her bedroom. She is currently learning to become more cofortable around others, with a little encouragement from Rapture and Ultimo.

Appearance Edit

Bara is relatively short for her age, at about 4'11". She has black hair, usually put into a ponytail (unless she is in bed, when it goes down to her chin) She has green eyes, pale skin, and is mostly seen wearing her school uniform.

Relationships Edit

Ultimo Edit

Bara admires Ultimo for his benevolence and conviction, to the point of developing an embarassing, almost obvious crush on him. Ulitmo, however, seems oblivious to her feelings.

Rapture Edit

Bara is Rapture's master and close friend. Bara shares a deep bond with Rapture, and he is like a brother to her. She worries about him a lot of the time, and even gets injured while trying to protect Rapture. Rapture was, without a doubt, Bara's first friend. He, along with Ultimo and Yamato, helped her to overcome her introvertido.

Yamato Edit

Despite being schoolmates with Yamato, Bara sometimes shows a bit of envy of Ultimo's bond with him. She, surprisingly enough, conceals this better than she does her feelings for the little Karakuridouji.

Trivia Edit

  • "Bara" is Japanese for "rose", while "fuju" means "winter." Therefore, in an English adaption (possibly an anime) Bara's name would most likely be "Rose Winters".